Tuesday, March 4

Everything happens for a reason

It is no secret that I am a bit of a fairy believer and comfortably put faith in higher powers taking care of everything. I am constantly looking for messages from the universe, signs from above and all kinds of crazy things to confirm that things are as they are meant to be. Sometimes the faith is easy to find and others I wonder how I could possibly believe such ridiculous notions.

As a regular reader you have probably heard me harp on a bit lately about having some health issues recently. Namely a rather large blood clot in the basilic vein of my left arm. I have been waiting nearly a month to see a specialist so that I can find a way forward and get my body to sort itself out.

Last week saw me melting down and demanding that my doctor give me another referral this time to see a private specialist in the hope that I would be seen sooner. It worked a treat because not only did the private specialist give me an appointment for a week's time but when I got home I found a letter from the hospital saying I finally had an appointment the day before my appointment with the private guy.

I did contemplate only taking the private appointment but then decided that the smart thing to do was to see them both. It was not like I had anything to lose and the thought of waiting an extra didn't set well with me at all.

Yesterday was appointment day at the hospital.

As it turned out the Doctor was the same guy that I had the private appointment with the following day. Which I found rather reassuring. It also turns out that he has a Registrar who doubles up as a GP at a clinic in the city.

Right from the onset of discovering the whole blood clot thing I knew that I would be needing to have regular doctor appointments. While my GP is ok, he is not actually someone I was keen on regularly seeing, despite the attractiveness of his bulk billing clinic. This new Registrar/GP dude though, well, I could quite happily see him daily, despite him not being in a bulk billing clinic.

Yes that's right I now have my very own McDreamy doctor
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I left the hospital feeling as if everything were as it were supposed to and I was right where I needed to be.

I needed to get that appointment with the private specialist so that when I saw him at the public hospital I had that little bit of extra confidence in him. And I needed to have the appointment at the public hospital so I could find this wonderful new GP who has a lot more knowledge on the whole blood clot thing than what my last GP did.

Crazy as it is I have even rationalised a reason behind the whole clot as well. As a result of the clot I am now in the process of looking after myself in a whole new way and ensuring I am taking the best care of my body possible. Without being too dramatic it has all been a bit of a wake up call to make sure I am making the most of my life.

And the reason behind this post? Well, that is easy, so I can join in the joys of IBOT

What about you? 
Do you believe that everything happens for a reason? 
(Even if sometimes the reasons aren't so clear at first)

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  1. I love your insight and positivity Rhi. Everything does happen for a reason, whether we choose to believe it does or not. I'm so glad things seem to be falling into place for you and taking care of yourself more, is always a good thing. Thinking of you lovely xx

  2. The universe does work in mysterious ways, and I'm glad that agitating for another referral got the energies of the universe moving in the right direction for you! Good luck with your blood clot, hope Dr McDreamy sorts it ouf for you.

  3. I hear ya honey last year they found a massive blood clot in my leg and it just felt like most doctors didn't know anything about it. I'm glad you have a voice of reason and it seems to be moving forward big hugs xxx

  4. Hope that everything get sorted out soon. All the best Rhianna.

  5. ARGH!!
    This "everything happens for a reason" saying really really really gets under my skin!!
    If everything happened for a reason I am still wanting to know what the reason was behind my perfectly healthy, happy, loveable son having to die????
    It's a crap saying in a crap world.

  6. I am always looking for signs and have all sorts of rituals and things to help bring in the positivity to our house and lives. I also try to find the positive in my myriad of health issues - we have a lot in common!

  7. I am super impressed you put McDreamy in your post. :)
    Sometimes I think everything happens for a reason, and other times I think it just happens, and where you take it from there can make what happened purposeful. Depends what mood I'm in really :)


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