Tuesday, February 25

On climbing Mount Everest

Some days coming up with something to write about feels much like what I imagine climbing Mount Everest would feel like. Arduously hard work that requires searching the inner depths of your soul and digging internally deeper than you ever imagined possible.
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From someone who really has
climbed Everest

Of course the joy and elation at reaching the top of the summit is much like the emotions experienced when that something you have written is well received once read. Especially if it is so well received that readers are motivated to comment and share.

Other days when sitting in front of the big magic screen that is my Mac, words seem to spew forth at great knots. Appearing to cover the blank screen with the ease of a natural flow. Little thought feels needed and there is no doubt that my career as an esteemed writer is all but set in stone.

Mind you these are generally the same days that it appears as if everyone has forgotten my web address and my words of wisdom feel like they slip by completely unnoticed. Oh the tragedy I know.

Lately I have been experiencing a combination of climbing Everest yet without the elation. Which has made the whole sitting down to write thing a whole lot harder than I would like it to be. Combined with the whole working and raising a family thing writing, blogging and any time in front of the computer has been harder than I possibly thought it would be.

There is not enough room for all the sighing I want to get out.

In twenty minutes I will once again be setting off for a doctor's appointment. It is my third or maybe fourth in not that many weeks. Which for someone who doesn't really do doctors, you can only imagine the angst that all these appointments are causing me. Especially since thrown in amongst it all there is the dentist to deal with as well.

Not to mention the fact that one doctor claims it is all rather important I get the whole clot in my arm worked out sooner rather than later. Yet I can't seem to get anyone else to actually get me an appointment with a specialist who may be able to shed some more light on what can be done.

See I told you there was not enough room for all the sighing I want need to get out.

And like I am not whinging and whining enough, but did I mention I recently had to say goodbye to a dear friend?

Thankfully not in the she is gone forever never to be seen again type of goodbye, just the she has moved to the other end of the country type of goodbye. Which is all kinds of sucky let me tell you.

In looking for a bright side though, because there is always a bright side, when we go on our trip of a life time, when we get to her neck of the woods we will have a place to stay. So yay for that!

Continuing on with the cheery bright side, I now also have something to join in IBOT with AND in the time it has taken for me to get this out (which may be all day but whatever) a specialist has finally gotten back to me and agreed that I could skip most of the waiting list and get seen next week! Oh yay, oh yay, oh yay!

What's been going on with you?

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