Saturday, March 8

Things I Know About Being Vague and All Over the Place

 I know that right now I am not sure if blogging is quite what I should be doing.

I know that most times when I sit down to blog I wonder if it is what I should be doing.

I know that I generally don't go and do all those things that I should be doing anyway so I may as well get my blogging on.

I know that I really do love blogging. With my whole heart in fact.

I know that there is something I really want to share but I just can't find the words to do the topic justice.

I know that in time I will, so I guess till then you will just have to bare with me as I fumble around trying to find them.

I know that right now my heart is filled with an immense sadness.

I know that you should always be weary of what you wish for.

I know that so often I hear of other people's heartache and I wonder what right I have to be sad of my own.

Deep down though I know it is all relative and we all have equal rights to wallow in our own heartaches. The trick lies in how deep we wallow.

I know that I am terribly sorry to all those who have joined in with Thankful Thursday this week. I have not yet read or shared your wonderful posts.

I know that I have a valid reason for this and I promise I will get there. I just don't know when.

I know that tonight Mr Awesome and I have a child free night, thanks to his work.

I know that for so many reasons I wish it were not the case.

I know that being a newly non-drinker is one of those reasons. There is nothing worse than free alcohol, lots of drunks and being sober.

I know that it is for my own good that I become a non-drinker.

I know that I have been practising in my head for days saying, I am a non-drinker.

I know that it will be easier said than done. Despite it not even being that easy to be said.

I know that it felt rather awesome to slip on a little black dress I got when I was 21 and have it fit.

I know that it is nearly time to go and check into the company paid hotel room.

I know that I hope there is a big bath in said room.

I know that I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and head over to this week's stand in Things I Know host and see what others know

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  1. Have a wonderful time and enjoy the moment. You deserve x

  2. Oh Rhianna I could see your heart and feel your pain in this one. I hope you have a fab night like you so deserve. I am also off alcohol but I have a huge craving for a big glass of red right now that I am trying to ignore, it will be easier when you get back into running as you wont want anything wrecking your run the next day. Wishing you well x

    1. Yes well I may have failed a little on the no drinking that night. Though I did get a run in before I had a drink so that must count for something

  3. It's a very big decision to stop alcohol Rhianna and well done on taking this decision for your well-being and your health. I hope you had a good time.

    1. Yes not an easy decision but really for the best though I didn't exactly manage the no drinking status that night. A good time was most certainly had though!


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