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Writers Reveal - People of the Past, Characters of the Future

This month's Writer's Reveal prompt comes from JC, who writes over at The Wolfe's Den. Now just between you and me JC is a pretty awesome writer. In fact I think she may even be like a real writer and have actually been published in places other than her own website. Unlike some of us

Anyway as you can imagine with all the real writer stuff behind her she is super organised and gave out the prompt for March weeks and weeks ago.  Which by the way is a rather impressive prompt as well.
People of the Past, Characters of the Future

When I first saw the prompt my heart may have stopped beating a little and my chest tightened quite a lot. I had no idea on how I could possibly tackle this. So naturally I left it all to the last minute. Well actually only nearly the last minute because somewhere on Monday (the day before reveal day) I suddenly had a flash of brilliance.

For as long as I have wanted to be a writer (which is about since the age of fourteen) I have been certain that my book would essentially be a recount of various aspects of my life. Not necessarily because I have had an amazing life but more so because I have have a way with words and I am sure I can make it somewhat entertaining. Maybe.

Anyway it finally hit me that to tackle JC's prompt I could just write about someone from my past. (duh)

While the possibilities were almost endless it was actually a bit of a no brainer on who and what to choose. You see fifteen years ago, to the day, my life suddenly took an unexpected swing. So unexpected that I didn't even know it was swinging until well after it had happened. My life changed forever and while it didn't directly send me to where I am now it was the starting point.

Of course little I do ever goes to plan, which I am fairly ok with but it means my initial thought of what to share never quite made it out of my head. Not that, that is a bad thing because it gave me a chance to set the scene and develop it all a little. It also means that I have a current stream to work on.

To find out how it all starts though you are going to need to pop on over to my Fiction Blog 

Also make sure you pop on over and read how everyone else decided to tackle this great prompt

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Also joining in with Essentially Jess for #IBOT
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  1. Heading over there now Rhi, I still haven't got mine up yet, it sure was a tricky prompt, but I look forward to seeing how you attacked it :)

  2. That whole thing of life changing when you least expect it again hey? Popping over now to have a look

  3. Thank you for introducing me to The Wolfe's Den xxx Rae

  4. Oh so glad I came here tonight. I nipped through to your fiction blog, well done. I am now left wondering did she or did she not get the job!

  5. I like that you are prepared to take on a challenge. Me? I like the ideas but everything else just gets in the way... :o #teamIBOT

  6. Haha, thanks for the kind words! I haven't really been published professionally yet, but I've been posting stories online for years, so that must count for something!

    Great post, and great story! Interesting to see how you draw inspiration from past experiences. Sorry if the prompt was tricky, but you did well with it! Good job!

  7. lol, if it makes you feel any better, I posted mine late due to working on my latest manuscript (that's my story and I'm sticking to it!
    I'll head on over and read your scene.


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