Thursday, March 27

Thankful Thursday - The Birthday Edition

Thankful Thursday with APLThere was little doubt about where to start with my thanks for this week. After celebrating my thirty sixth birthday on Sunday it goes without saying that is where most of my thanks lies this week.

Firstly I am thankful for all the lovely new running gear that Mr Awesome and the girls got me. There is nothing more motivating that some new clothes to get a runner out on the road. Particularly if said clothes are a little tighter than what one would normally purchase.

Thankfully there was more motivational presents than tight clothing. Mr A also got me a Fitbit writs strap. Which in short is a super flash pedometer. Not necessarily the Garmin I was hoping for but incredibly cool nonetheless. While it doesn't keep track of my fastest five km's or do anything of the like, it does keep track of how many steps I walk (or run) as well as letting me know when I have reached various daily goals and whether any of my steps were particularly faster than others.

It also tracks my sleeping patterns, how many calories I have used as well as a food and water intake diary. The best bit is that there is a website and phone app to help me keep track of it all and compare one day to the next. All of which I am a bit thankful for because it really is a great motivator.

Other birthday thanks include having a wonderful day with my beautiful family and a few special friends. We spent the day at the wave pool and had lunch at the pub nearby. The only disappointing part was that the pub didn't know how to make mojitos. Though since I am meant to be a non drinker these days I guess I shouldn't have seen it so much as a disappointment as a message.

The thing I have loved most about the whole birthday thing though was that it lasted longer than just the one day. A beautiful friend took me out to lunch today as a birthday present. Another gave me a voucher to use at a beading workshop in a week or so. I really feel so blessed to have such thoughtful and giving people in my life.

I am also super thankful to all the kind hearted people who took the time to send me birthday wishes in one form or another. It really is all about the little things. As Kids Business Communications knows. Their little birthday card and notebook in the mail really made my day.

Now for some random and non birthday related thanks

  • the teachers at Lovely's school who stayed back after hours for parent teacher interview
  • the community at Zany's school that is rallying together to raise funds for a family who had their house burnt down last week
  • the fact that my ultrasound came back with the words no sinister lesions
  • my textbook finally arriving
  • frozen meals hidden in the freezer
  • having this post featured in this week's Digital Parents Newsletter
  • not working full time hours
  • a good nights sleep
  • being able to type this up in the air-conditioned bedroom on our shiny new laptop
  • discovering Webmaster Tools
  • editing some html code on the blog and managing not to delete the entire blog. Whether I fixed the actual errors I was hoping to still remains to be seen, but for now that is ok.
What about you? What are you thankful this week?

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  1. Happy Birthday again - so pleased to hear you had a lovely time and were the recipient of lovely presents! Also, yay for scans that discount the sinister stuff :)

  2. Such great news about your ultrasound! Yay! Enjoy your new running gear!

  3. Yah!! On the ultrasound..pleased to hear xx

  4. I am very thankful to read your lesion news, PHEW, I bet that is weight off your mind. I am thankful that I have a hubby who puts up with my crankiness when I over commit to all the work I have to do.I am thankful for random kisses from my 2.5yo- sloppy ones are the best! x

  5. So glad nothing sinister going on. Belated Happy Birthday! Now get running !! x


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