Sunday, May 20

A moment here, a ramble there

The baby is sleeping, all children quiet and accounted for.  Mr Awesome happily amused.  All of this presents me with the opportunity to sit and write.  All feels totally right and at peace with the world.  Gentle music and the dull drone of passing cars in the distance create a background noise that is calming and peaceful.  The gentle tapping of my finger tips upon the keyboard creating a beat that seems to bring it all together.

All easily broken by the unexpected sound of voices though.  Thankfully not towards me but enough to break my train of thought.  It always happens.  Whenever the planets align and provide me with opportunity write I get so excited at the prospect my mind becomes a jumbled mess that can't decide what to put out first.

Deep inhale.

Sometimes I forget to exhale.  Please tell me that happens to you too.

Last week was a hard one for writing.  I barely did any.  In fact  I don't think I did any.  Little sleep and sick children make that totally excusable I guess.  

I really hate excuses though.

Which is a little ironic perhaps, given how well I am at finding them.  All the time.  At least I used to.  Lately I have been trying to instill a zero tolerance on excuses policy.  Naturally this is easier said than done but it is not impossible.  Like most things in life it is all about perspective.

Rather than use excuses I prefer to make an allowance.  Allowances need to be given and made on case by case scenario.  Just because allowances are made once, it does not automatically ensure they will be given again.

Anyways that was not really where I had hoped for this post to go.  Not that I really ever know where a post will go (which is part of the fun) it is certainly not where I want to go now.  After all it is Sunday, and Sunday's in my book are also known as Funday.  Grumbling about excuses is certainly not a fun post.

Mind you Funday only occurs when all the jobs have been done and one if able to be footloose and fancy free.  I haven't exactly gotten all my jobs done at this stage but I have certainly done enough to earn a bit of a reward.  In our house we have a screen time reward policy for one and all.

Speaking of which I have probably used up most my time by now.  There is movement at the station.  Mr Awesome is no longer happily amused and starting to question why there is a fridge shelf soaking in the sink.  Perhaps occupying is a better word as the shelf is far to large to actually soak in the sink.  It is more a case of having cleaner soak on it while it rests over the sink.
Please note there are some clean dishes, not just dirty ones
So on that note I guess I better get back to it!

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  1. Angela Watkins20 May 2012 at 18:49

    "Allowances" is a good way of looking at it. Maybe you could think of writing as a cumulative experience, instead of going for a certain amount of time each day come up with a monthly word total. That way if you don't get your word count met on a particular day - for whatever reason - you've still got time to meet it each month. And don't be too hard on yourself! It's all experience.


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