Tuesday, May 22

The Price To Pay

Whether we like it or not everything comes at a price.  It might not always be a monetary price but every action, has a price.  For every decision that we make there is a cost of some sort.  Often there is more than one.  Regardless of the situation circumstances always prevail that mean in order to gain or do something we must give up something else.

On some levels that all seems fair enough I guess.  We live in a give and take world.  Our actions have equal reactions and all that.  Apparently it is the balance of life or something or another.

Only sometimes the price we pay for some things is more than what we actually get.  Now theoretically based on the whole equal and opposite stuff that means there are also as many times when we the price is lower than what we get but for some reason those times are much harder to recall.  They are also not that relevant to this post so we will think nothing more for them ok?

Certain events in recent weeks have seen me considering this whole at what price conundrum.
Let me give you a few examples.

The price to pay for Miss Nearly Six not going to school last week because of a cough and me not wanting her in air conditioning was that I couldn't go running.  Which sucked.  Big time.

By the end of the week I was irritable and out of patience.  Not advisable with one child recovering from being poorly and another trying hard not to be poorly.  Aware of my new found addiction my mum kindly offered to mind sick child while I ran.  I eventually relented and took up the offer.

I say relented because I knew there would be a price to pay.

There was.

It was rearranging Mum's lounge room.  In numerous ways.  Part of me thinks she wants it back how it was but is too scared to tell me.  Let's just say at the end of it all I was moving it rather begrudgingly. (Terrible daughter that I am, it is rather heavy furniture though)

The price to pay for not doing a load of washing each and every day, is a record breaking Mount Washmore in just a few short days.  Other associated costs include temper tantrum meltdowns when favourite outfits or preferred uniforms can not be located.  Midnight wash cycles and indoor laundries may also occur when it is realised required sporting clothes are not ready for the day needed.  Frenzied searches through baskets may also entail as the hunt for a matching pair of socks intensifies.  The lack of success on said hunt may also lead to further meltdowns.

The price to pay to be able to take these photos...
Yep that's right Gary Ablet Jr, a football superstar

Captain of the Gold Coast Suns AFL team and son of former
AFL Geelong Champion Gary Ablet Snr
...was much more than the $26.50 I paid to get through the gate.
It was even more than the chicko roll, two hot dogs, four slushies and six cups of hot chips (which in case you were wondering came to a total of $48, there may even have been another hot chips I did lose track after a while but they sure where yummy and kept everyone sitting still and quiet).

The true price that I paid to watch this sporting superstar play at my local ground was two incredibly tired and grumpy children the next day.  When I say incredibly tired and grumpy I actually mean that by late afternoon they were absolutely exhausted and totally unreasonable.  Unfortunately the two younger offspring of mine have forgotten the beauty that is sleeping in.  The late night followed by the pre dawn waking rituals led to a rather long and irritable Sunday at times.

Mind you the price to pay then was that they were both in bed super super early (and by that I mean 6pm) and stayed fast asleep for some twelve hours.  Which wasn't exactly a high price to pay at all.  In fact it was more like a little reward for some of the trials of the day.  I guess maybe there is something to that balance theory after all.

It's Tuesday and I've blogged.
Though if the truth be told I actually wrote this all on Monday in preparation for Tuesday.
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  1. I have a running addiction at the moment too. It's hard to fit in around kids as it is, let alone sick ones.

    I can totally relate to this post. The price of a weekend away is the mounds of washing at the end, not fun.

    Rachel x
    Redcliffe Style

  2. Yes, that price to pay. I know it all too well. Sometimes you stop and consider it... sometimes not.
    My price to pay for a weekend in bed without children... is catching up on all the chores I should have done on Monday and Tuesday. Oh well.

  3. We went out last Thursday for a late show to see Straussman and TedEBare.. unfortunately that meant I had to contend with a baby who woke up every hour all night. No sleep = grumpy mummy.. especially since we now all have a virus and means everyone is grumpy..

    The hassle it is to have a night out - sometimes isn't worth the aftermath!

    You've been visited by a member of #teamIBOT :)

  4. We had free tickets to the footy, and the kids could have played in the half time match, but we decided the high price was too much. It's hard sometimes.

  5. ah the price we pay... sometimes worth it and sometimes too high a price 9now my kids are older our biggest one is staying at friends til way past their bedtime and then of course not really sleeping in so everyone is tired on Sunday)

  6. That is so true - it is what I keep trying to teach DD - there are consequences for every decision / choice that you make.
    We are Suns members and are hoping this Saturday sees them get their first win at home - glad to know people in other states are supporting them too.
    Have a great Friday !


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