Wednesday, November 24

Stop Wasting TIME!!!

That is what I need to have shouted at me on a regular basis.

Of course that is easier said than done, especially since for the most part of the day I spend my time with those unable to use the English vocabulary as needed.

Finding my inner voice is not always either and even when found it can be hard to hear. I wonder why that is? Possibly because there are so many different mediums and messages going in that it all just becomes a jumbled mess. Actually it is even more than just going in, there are messages being sent as well as processed and digested.

Right now as I sit here typing I can hear a car motor running right outside my front door, the music of Meatloaf as he sings "For Crying Out Loud" Summer screeching and...

oh wait that has all changed now. I got caught up looking for the link above, sending a fb message, and then put a child back to sleep...

So where was I?

NaNoWrimo. 8333 words a day. Right

As a starting point for an idea - write a story to match the name of the last song you heard

Van Morrison's Days Like These is playing now so I guess that will be the first cap of the rank so to speak!

*Unfortunately time did not permit me to get much out but I promise it will be out soon

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