Sunday, November 28

Oh dear :(

So maybe my 21 party was a tad early.

Officially I only have 19 posts (including this one).

How could such a tragic mistake occur? I hear you ask, well really it is quite simple. When I log into Blogger and am taken to my dashboard I am given a list of all my blogs and the number of posts on each one, as well as the date of the last entry (if you are a blogger I know that you know all this but I am hoping I can draw some non blogging readers as well so please bear with me)...Anyways it is here that I saw I had 20 posts not realising that it was a total of 20 post attempts, regardless of whether I have published them or not.

So now the next question to answer is how did this all come to my attention?

Well that to is also rather simple. When I went to see how my 21st post appeared once I had hit the publish button I noticed the column on the right that shows the total of my published posts.

So now the question is what to do? Even when I reach 21 published post I can't really re-celebrate the event so I need to find a challenge to achieve...hmmm... suggestions?

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