Sunday, November 28

Still trying

Ok so I have not exactly been making the 8333 or whatever it was a day. In fact at this point in time I have only just managed to pass the 2000 mark. Leaving me a mere 48 000 words to write in under 2 days. I am tipping that it is not going to happen. I would love to think that I could but as a mother I just can't step away from my duties for that amount of time. Even if it were possible to find someone else to care for them for that time I still could not bring myself to do it. Especially not for the babe. Plus two days without sleep is pretty hard going for old ducks like me. Actually it is not so much the first two days but it is the third day that is the trick because that would be sleep day and sleep and mothering are not the best of friends, especially not if both have been absent for two days.

Having said that though I am not just going to throw in the towel and stop writing. I know that I have missed a few days and I know that I am well of target but you have to agree that recent days, have seen a slight increase.

So in a bid to maintain and possibly even increase my written words I am going to leave my on going tally of words just to see when I do actually achieve the magic 50,000 mark.

In my last post I called for suggestions of goals to set to make up for my premature 21st post. Perhaps I have just found it.


Maybe I should run a poll?


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