Sunday, November 28

I am 21 again!

Well in a way...

This will be my 21st post on this blog.

I have just spent the past I don't know how long but a very long time searching for an 'easy' way to put some streamers up to celebrate. As you can see by the absence of such streamers my efforts were not very successful. The result of my failings is the pathetic attempt at a post as now I am off to bed.

The back log of existing failed posts it too large to add another to it :( I promise more for tomorrow. In the meantime you could check out here and here. I am not going to tell you what they are, you go check it out for yourself :)

Actually if you are still reading and haven't clicked the yet beware. The first one has a stupid ad dishwashing liquid on it that talks to you. On my old PC this would not have been an issue as I never had any speakers so I wouldn't have heard a thing. My flash new iMac with it's inbuilt speakers means I can now get the audio experiences of the Internet as well. This has proved to be both good and bad.

So why didn't I delete the first link and replace it with something that wouldn't scare the bejezes out out of those with the sound on? Well it also contains an interesting read about a sinful pleasure. Being the reformed smoker that I am I can understand where this is coming from. I miss the time I spent smoking as well. I know technically I have more time as such now but to me having a smoke was a process that I totally enjoyed and do occasionally miss. I can't not see me returning to my filthy ways but there will always be a part of me that gets the whole smoking being cool thing.

Now to find the second link :)

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