Tuesday, November 23

Some things seems to never change

Of course they do but at times it just doesn't seem like it. Like my writing. Or rather lack there of. When I started this blog I promised myself that I would not bore my readers with the constant barrage of complaints about me not writing that seemed to fill my other blogs. Yet here I am, a mere 17 posts into this new venture and the only words I seem to be able to type out are about me complaining...gggrrr...

Maybe now that I have that out the way I can move on to other things. Though as you can imagine I have plenty of viable excuses for not regularly finding the time to write (here or anywhere else for that matter). After all I am incredibly busy. A SAHM is no easy task. There are committees for Parent Wellbeing, Fundraising, Finance as well as helping out in classes and of course all the usual mum/wife/just generally looking after people, but moving along again.

This of course is now the 23rd day of November, and as I have previously mentioned that means NaNoWrimo (note to self must go back and finish NaNoWrimo post as at this point in time it is has not been published) I know that there is still 7 days left in which to write and therefor I technically still have time to finish I am just not sure I really have it in me. After all to come up with fifty thousand words before midnight on the the thirtieth I would need to spit out an average of 8333 a day. Not impossible really but would certainly take some dedication.

Gosh that really will take some doing...This little effort is just over 300 and has taken the better part of an hour...I don't think I will even waste my time on doing the maths to work out based on that how many hours my 50 thou will take :(


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