Saturday, January 31

Hmmmm ... ... ...

So the every day thing has not happened. Hands up all those who were surprised. Not me that is for sure. I did think though that after 31 days I might have had a few more than just 6 posts.

I am trying to find a perspective to make it look better than what it is. I mean there is no school that would really accept 6/31 as a pass mark, is there now. On no level is 5% acceptable. So how can I make 6 posts in 4 weeks a positive step to be coming a fully fledged writer?
It is slightly more than one a week so that has gotta count for something.

In a bid to make up for my slack efforts for the month I went through and published all the half posts that were left laying around. I think there were only three in total but again something is better than nothing.

Getting back to writing statistics.

Since I began this blog back in June 08 I have written (including this one) a total of 91 posts. 91 posts in 245 days. Just under 38%, a slight improvement for the month of January but still not a pass mark. Fingers crossed next month will be better!


  1. So, what strategies are you putting in place to ensure you write on a more regular basis?

  2. Strategies smategies, haven't put anything in place, the problem lies much deeper! Hopefully I will get to the crux of it shortly though


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