Saturday, February 21

Has it really been 3 weeks?

Part of me feels it has been much longer, while another part struggles to think it has not been very long at all. Either it is still not exactly what you could call regular. Mind you if you were a regular reader I am sure this post would seem pretty average as it is the start of most of my posts (when ever I manage to get them up!)

Where have I been? What have I been doing? I hear you all cry. I wish that I could say I have been jet setting around the countryside or sailing the high seas but sadly that is not the case, no exciting adventures to report back with. In fact there are not even any boring ones! None the less I do have a beautiful story to share. In fact this experience has touched me so much I tried to create something new.

So what happened?

Well firstly my Dad, thought he was having a stroke so he called an ambulance. He rang me also to let me know what was going on. Did I mention that this was at 1.30am? No? Well it was. Anyway I went to his house and then followed the ambulance to the hospital. As it turned out they didn't believe there was any cause for concern but given his age, and medical history it wasn't worth the risk.

Once I was sure that Dad was all comfortably settled I headed home (even I need some sleep). As I headed out the hospital doors two women asked me if I could give them a ride home. Naturally I agreed. No one leaving the hospital in the early hours of the morning is ever having a great time and it was still another four or so hours till the first bus would be. It was the least I could do really. I have been chemically designed so that when I am at my lowest I feel inclined to help so all in all it was a winning situation all round.

While my father was not having a stroke it did turn out that he had an infection and needed medical treatment. Which also meant that he would be staying in hospital for a few days. Thankfully the hospital is fairly nearby. On one of my visits though I locked my keys in the car. Which is strange in more than one way. You see I rarely lock my car. Why I did on this day I am not really sure.

Cutting right to the chase. (I know I can ramble on a times and I fear that I was about to start!

A beautiful person, no angel, stopped and offered to drive me home to get some spare keys to solve my problem! When she pulled up and offered I nearly fell over. I couldn't believe that such kindness existed, but I assure you it does.


  1. Fate, Karma, call it whatever, The world is still wonderful in many ways!

  2. Yes that she is, we just need to remember to look for it at times.


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