Saturday, January 10

Something is better than nothing

That is my motto for the day and the basis of this post.

Right know I can't think as my head hurts. Ten minutes ago though it was full of ideas. they were rushing around bursting with action ready to spring into fruition. I wonder if that is my my head hurts now.... too many thoughts at once.

Today has been somewhat productive in terms of writing, I have managed to steal a few moments to get some words out here and there. They are of course not the greatest words in the world but at least it is a start.

  • I have so far managed three separate blog posts which is probably enough for one day. There has to come a point when quality must begin to over ride quantity.
  • In terms of housework the house is in a reasonable condition. I did wash the dishes this morning but naturally there are still some more to do.
  • I also get a big tick for cooking one of the best dinners ever. In fact it was so good that I may actually devote a whole blog post to it but not just yet.
  • I am slowly introducing a schedule to my day. To make it an enjoyable transition the first event is a fun one.

Something is always better than nothing, the thought does not always count and it is never to late to spring into action!

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