Saturday, January 10

The Result

Ok so last night sitting outside and writing while my darling daughter went to sleep didn't work so well. None the less though I am giving it a second shot.

So what made it such a failure last night? I hear you ask. Well it certainly wasn't a case of writers block. Oh no, the words were more than willing to flow, there was no worry there. It was all her!

For some reason she decided it was battle time. Apparently as she informed me i could put an end to it all by letting her play an electronic device for half hour or an hour. Naturally I did not accommodate such a request and things went down hill from there. Alternatively she said she was happy to go to sleep on the couch, a request that was also denied.

Eventually though after much yelling and screaming and carrying on she fell asleep, as did I. So after nearly twenty minutes tonight I find myself with a similiar situation on my hands tonight. Only tonight she hasn't provided me with a list of demands that would see her sleeping in an instant.

Perhaps on some level it is slowly starting to sink in. That mum means no. For the first few years of my children's life I went to great lengths to not use the word no around them. I didn't want the negative connotation rubbing off on them.

Now however it sometimes feels as if it is all I ever say. It is not that I am an unreasonable mother, who wants to spoil all their fun, they just seem to be forever wanting to do things that common sense says is wrong or not advisable.

The joys of being a parent I guess.

Anyway it turns out that while not perfect tonight was slightly more successful than last so that is something. Not only that but I did manage to get a few words out here and there so it is a win win really. Between to day and yesterday I have managed to string together just over 1000 words so i am heading back to words my incredibly easy to attain goal. I have even done some work on few photos so I feel very productive! Guess that means I can go and be wasteful for a while.

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