Saturday, January 10

Dreams and Limitations

As always the start of a new year inspires me to start writing. I am hopeful that this year it will be something that I continue you with rather than lapse into sporadic sessions on a haphazard basis.

Since my dear parents were kind enough to give me a funky little laptop for Christmas I feel some what obliged to write more regularly than in the past. There is certainly no denying that on some levels my parents are incredibly supportive. Like everyone though, even they have their limitations.

My youngest sister, who is the baby of the family has recently moved interstate. We are what some would consider as a very close knit family so the move took quite a toll on my parents, particularly my mother.

At times you would think that my sister has fallen off the face of the earth never to be seen again. In reality of course she is a mere four hour plane trip away. Her boyfriend, who she moved to be with is a pilot so she naturally gets super cheap travel and has assured us she will return regularly. With the wonders of modern technology we are able to web cam and talk to her as if she was just down the road.

Her boyfriends mother, who I have never met sounds like a lovely lady. She has gone out of her way to make my sister feel welcome and part of the family. While I find this quite comforting my mother is highly distressed by the fact that my sister seems to be settling comfortably into her new life.

It all gets back to the perspective that you take. Don't get me wrong I miss my sister greatly, she was greatly but I find comfort in the fact that she has been taken in and is not all alone. I wish that my mother could see that as well, but the ugly green eyed monster seems to be getting in the way. Since she is my mother it is obviously not possible to point out the error of her ways so instead I will listen to her complaints in silence

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