Monday, January 26

I am, You are...

We are Australian.

For those of you not native to this great land where I reside, the above words may not sound all that familiar. For my fellow country men (and women) it will either remind you of the great band called the Seekers or a dodgy Telstra commercial that polluted our airwaves and possibly brought great shame to the above mentioned band.

Today is Australia Day. A day to celebrate all that is Australian. Beers, meat pies, big noisy utes, sports and possibly even sun burn.

In recent years there have been cries from some members of society to cease the celebrations as to them it is nothing more than invasion day. After all it was on this day some two hundred and thirty years ago that Captain Cook land in Botany Bay with the first settlers.

Given some of the atrocities that occurred in those first early years I can to some point understand why the Aboriginal community may not feel the need to remember and celebrate the day. However to me that was all in the past. I didn't personally do anything wrong and as far as I know I didn't even have any distant relatives that were involved. We can't change what has happened so let's just move on and be done with it.

So how does a true blue Aussie celebrate the birth of this great nation?

Of course it is each to their own, but to me it was all about fun and family. A nice quite day with all my family that live close by. We walked the children to the end of the road to see the ute parade, then back home for a BBQ by the pool.

For others it is about drinking as much as possible, thong throwing and possibly being a bit of a redneck. Which ever way it is I hope you enjoyed celebrating the birth of this great nation

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