Thursday, February 7

Where is the plug?

I am feeling rather drained at present.

The Helium contest I entered recently closed this morning. It is such a roller coaster ride of emotions. Currently I am at the better end of the leader board. While this is promising, the rating system can be rather fickle at times.

Apparently me just thinking it is a fantastic article is simply not enough. My fate lays in the hands of the beloved raters. Of which I am a member, though obviously I am unable to rate my own work.

Back to the point.

After the effort of producing enough quality work to enable me to have any chance of winning the contest, combined with the emotional torture of having my work constantly under rating scrutiny and seeing my points go up and down faster than a yo-yo, I am temporarily out of creative juices!

So I am off to find 'my plug' and refill my bath!

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