Wednesday, February 6

Featured Writer at Helium

I just received a letter from Helium to congratulate me on my featured article!!!

And sure enough there on their homepage about halfway down is an article I have written about modern women It is an article that I have carried around with me for quite some time (nearly four years) and in some ways very close to my heart.

This is all very symbolic in my mind. I see this is as a huge boost to my writing career. Yes to some this is only small, when you started where I did this can be huge! It is like recognition that yes I do have some ability to mold words into feelings that effect others. Which is just what my inner writer needs.

While it now looks very different from the original, I still have how it started and can clearly remember the night that I wrote it. It was a very important time in my life. I was busily preparing for major change. (Getting married)

At the time I just wrote for the sake of writing. There was something inside me that needed to be released, so I released it.

When I first started writing for Helium, back in August 2007, I tried submitting a version of this article. To my utter devastation it was rejected. I was shattered. Thousands of little bits of me tumbled to the ground.

I questioned why I even bothered with the silly notion of being a writer. Naturally I ceased writing (though not for long). I managed to pick myself up and try again. With another version under my belt I submitted again. To my elation it was accepted.

Now it is a feature! Who would have thought? I guess hard work really does pay off in the end hey?

In case you want the link here it is again

Anyway I just wanted to share my joy and excitement here.

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