Friday, January 17

Things I Know About Writers Reveal

 Hello and welcome to the end of another week and the sharing of all the things we know with the ever lovely Miss Cinders.

This week I want to share with you all the things I know about Writers Reveal which was a little group set up by Emily. Who sadly has decided that she just can't find the time to blog anymore. Which also kinda means that this the last of the Writers Reveal posts.

In case you haven't heard of it before Writers Reveal was a monthly get together where the following rather awesome bloggers Emily Morgan WritesMelissa WritesThe Wolfe's DenImagine Create WriteGhostnappedYou learn something new everyday and Have a laugh on me would give each other prompts to write to. There were also a few other bloggers, always Josefa and My Little Sunshine House that popped in and out over the five months.
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The last posts where meant to go live yesterday but on account of my disorganisation and hosting Thankful Thursday I just never got round to it so here I am today. My prompt for this week came from Emily over at You Learn Something New Every Day. Who can I just say is one of my most favourite bloggers. She is so clever and witty and always well written. And get this, I have a feeling there are times in here life she has been like a real writer and been paid for her words.

Anyway Emily's prompt for me was A stitch in time. She made sure she gave me the prompt with more than plenty of time, as well as some incredibly kind words for me, yet here I am a day late and I got a big fat nothing.

I know that when I first read that prompt I thought it would be perfect for a piece of fiction.
I know that I was a little intimidated about how I would find ideas to do it justice
I know that my brain just froze and couldn't come up with anything. At all.

I know that when Emily asked me if I was interested in being part of the group I was beside myself with all kinds of excitement.

I know that at school I was always the last to be chosen for anything, if at all. Hence why it was so exciting to be included.

I know that school was a long time ago but some wounds are hard to heal.

I know that even though most of my posts were left to the last minute I did enjoy the challenge.

I know that even though I did enjoy the challenge there is a little bit of me that is a bit glad it has come to an end.

I know I don't really need any more things to be left to the last minute I have got plenty of my own things left waiting till then. Speaking of which I should probably go and see to.

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