Monday, April 29

Do you do doctors?

This morning I put up a Facebook update moaning about the troubles in my day despite it not yet having reached 8.30am. Seriously it was very woe is poor hard done by me kind of post. Which is not really what I like to do because rainbows, sunshine and happiness are more my cup of tea. Plus I am always conscious of the fact that there are people out there with real problems rather.

In case you missed it, and I am sure you did because essentially Facebook hates me and barely shares my posts with anyone, (which is actually a whole separate post of its own) it went a little like this.

Miss Six has had a bit of a cough for days now, perhaps even weeks. My concept of time is not exactly that great. For the most part she seems quite ok. Her energy levels are not really lacking and she will still quite happily play argue interact with her sisters. 

However out of no where she will just start coughing and sound like she is about to loose a lung. Perhaps even two. I am sure there are life long smokers out there that could not match her efforts of late. 

My heart of hearts keeps telling me that it is related to the weather and the ridiculously cold air conditioning at school. It is not exactly the first time she has been like this, just this time it seems to be dragging on a bit longer than usual. 

Last night as I was tucking Miss Six into bed, she asked me if perhaps she should go to a doctor to see if they could help her get better. It kinda broke my heart. It wasn't so much the need to go to the doctor that saddened me, more so that Miss Six no longer felt she had it in her to make herself well.

For as long as I can remember I have been a big believer in trusting your body. Listening to when it tells you to eat, rest and all that jazz. Naturally it is something I am trying to pass on to the girls as well. Being in tune with your body and understanding what it is trying to say is in my eyes a wonderful gift.

So when Miss Six (or any of them for that matter) tells me that they think they can only get better with the help of a doctor I am torn.

There is no doubt in my mind of the importance of doctors. None what so ever. Modern medicine has done some pretty amazing things and does a great job at making the world a better and healthier place. There is no denying without the wonders of medicine many lives would have been lost.

However. There is a part of me that thinks antibiotics are handed out a bit too willy nilly for my liking. Which is one of the reasons I don't really do doctors all that often. The other being we don't actually get sick enough all that often to warrant a trip to the doctor.

Anyway off to the doctor we went today. And away we walked with possibly of a very mild infection or perhaps something a little more viral, he couldn't really say. Either way he happily wrote out a script for antibiotics, complete with a repeat. I am just happy he bulk bills.

When did you last visit a doctor?

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