Tuesday, September 18

Not roses but not thorns either

Last week I wrote about how life was not all roses. Which for someone on holidays it was not exactly the post I was expecting to be sharing. To be quite honest even as I was writing I wondered if I was not tempting fate just a little. This week I feel like I have been somewhat punished. In a weird and hard to explain kind of way.

While I may have been a little hard done by and faced a little bad luck what I failed to mention and perhaps even internally acknowledge was just how blessed I really was.

You see for as much as it was terrible having a tyre blow there were many good things that also happened. Like the fact there was no further damage done to the car or more importantly us. We were also very fortunate in the fact we were able to quickly an easily get some new tyres.  Having a kind mother in law help to pay for some of the costs was also incredibly awesome.

As much as I may have tried to make last week's post humorous it was still essentially a poor bugger me post. One that was not really called for.
Because as I have since found out things can always get worse.

Yep, that's my car.

Being put on a tow truck. Unable to be driven until mechanical attention has been given. Turns it a flat tyre was the least of my worries.

I won't bore you with the details, partly because when they were being given my brain shut down and refused to take it in and partly because the details are, well, boring. And aside from all that it is all fixed now.

We were incredibly lucky and able to find a mechanic who was able to fix it without charging an arm or a leg. Which was a bit lucky because dinner the night before was a little more excessive than what we would normally have.

But oh so worth it.
An exquisite seafood platter for two. Would have been rather romantic had it not been for the kidlets tagging along. And the fashionable bibs the waitress gave us. I am sure you are disappointed I neglected to take a photo of that.

In between all the car dramas there have also been many a fun and wonderful time. The wedding was spectacular. As was Green Island and hanging with family I don't get to see very often. All of which I will get around to writing about as soon as possible.

In the meantime I am going to make the most of these last few days in this tropical paradise before I have to make the trip home to my own tropical paradise. While I do that, go and check out some of the other wonderful IBOT posts that have joined in with Jess for