Monday, April 2

Not another #DPCON12 Post

As much as I would like it to be the case, sadly this is not a post about how awesome the recent Digital Parents Conference was. Much to my dismay I was unable to attend. Actually that is not entirely true. I chose not to make the trek from one end of the country to the other just for a bloggers get together.

There were a heap of reasons for this. The first, and possibly the most obvious was because financially it would have put a heap of strain on the already tight purse strings. Sure we probably could have made it work but I decided it was best not too. Especially since all those months ago when tickets went on sale I was still trying to work out what I wanted from blogging. Actually now that I think about it I am still trying to work that out (scratches head)

Only it wasn't just the money that held me back.

There was the whole traveling so far, meeting new people and doubting whether I really was blogger enough to hang out with all the awesome bloggers that I knew would be there. Naturally now that it is all over I know that of course I am blogger enough to have attended. That and all the other crazy self doubting fears I let consume me have all disappeared and I am left purely with the bruises from the beating I have been giving myself for thinking so stupidly in the first place. Grrrrrr

Lucky for me I am pretty sure there will be plenty more bloggers conferences in the future and when the time is right I am sure I will be there. In the mean time though I can live vicariously through those who were brave enough to attend. If you wish to do the same check out this list of links

Fairy wishes & butterfly kisses

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