Thursday, June 11

Thankful Thursday - The Zany Edition

Deciding what to write about for today’s Thankful Thursday post was pretty much a no brainer. You see nine years ago today I became a mum of two. That’s right, today is my dear little Zany’s ninth birthday.

This was taken back in March when we were in Pemberton, Zany would wake up every morning
and the first thing she wanted to do was feed the birds that hung around. She has an amazing way with
animals and at this stage says she wants to be a vet when she grows up
Over the last week or so I have found myself staring at her wondering how it is that she is actually nine. It really does only seem like yesterday that I was calling the midwife to let her know that the baby was on the way. Not any time soon mind you but definitely on the way.

It was a Sunday morning, about ten I think. The midwife, Josie, was already at the hospital and told me to take my time. Since she was already there she would get a room and set it up for me. I had been hoping to have a water birth. Though back then the public hospital would only let the birthing pools be used for pain relief, birthing, whenever possible, was to occur out of the water.

By the time Mr Awesome and I dropped Lovely off at my parents and arrived at the hospital, dear Josie had well and truly set up my room. That woman was beyond amazing and to this day I am thankful she was there for me.

We walked to a dimly lit room with candles gently glowing and the sound of Enya wafting through. It was all so perfect.

The hospital was relatively close to the ocean with the maternity ward positioned on a floor high enough to see the sea. While I may not be able to remember whether it is the sixth or eighth floor I do remember looking out the window and out across the water and being mesmerised by what looked like shimmering diamonds.

After a relatively short labor, around four hours I guess, my beautiful little Zany was earthed and in my arms. 

Now nine years later I am still blessed to be in the presence of an amazing little person. My baby has grown into a young girl who is kind, thoughtful and caring. She so often puts the needs of others before her own. Though there is always a point where she says no more and takes what she needs as well. 

She has a fabulous sense of humour and a laugh that is infectious. A radiant smile that can instantly lift me.

Of an afternoon when I pick her up from school she will break out into a run the moment she spots me. Smile on her face and arms out wide, engulfing me the moment she is within reach. It is without a doubt one of my most favourite times of the day. A blatant reminder of how blessed I am to be a part of her life.

I can only hope the next nine years are as wonderful as the last. I am so thankful that I get to call this precious soul my girl.

Other random things I am thankful for this week

  • having my first unsupervised and paid day at work
  • making awesome pumpkin soup
  • as I crawled into bed Wednesday night remembering I had left said pumpkin soup on the stove and not yet written this post and getting up and writing this post while eating said soup
  • the kindest and supportive comments over on Rhianna Writes
  • a day that was just warm enough to wear shorts, the novelty of jeans has gone
  • steaming hot showers
What about you? What are you thankful for this week? Join in with a blog post or just comment below

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