Monday, June 15

June - Emptying of my brain

Originally I was posting this over at Rhianna Writes, my lovely new little space on the internet. Only I misunderstood the brief and basically got it all wrong. Not that it really matters because now it just means I have a post for each blog which is a little bit winning. Especially considering how stumped my word flow has been of late.

Besides, Miss C, the brilliant mind behind the emptying of the brain, loves me and will get a massive giggle out of the error of my ways.

So without further ado let's empty this brain of mine.

Thinking - Far too much and yet nothing at all. My brain and mind are all over the place at the moment. I have far too many tabs open, in every sense.

One of those tabs is for this. A post I wrote way back in November 2010 about how I need to stop wasting time. The relevance for today is astounding. As is the fact that the linked within widget at the bottom of the post suggest a post titled Some things never seem to change from around the same era.

Feeling - Sad. Tired. Alone.

Yeah fun times here of late.

Watching - Today was a Mia and Me marathon on account of two sick little girls keeping me company. It is a children's show we discovered on Netflix recently and is all about a girl called Mia who thanks to a book given to her by her now dead parents can transcend into an elf world where she is an elf and can talk to unicorns.

Making me happy - Finally finding some words to write and not worry about whether they are worthy or not.

Listening - Right now some stupid TV ad. In terms of music lately I have been totally loving Shut Up and Dance. So much so I even purchased the album. Though really I should have just got the one song because that is all I have listened to.

Reading - Old blog posts. Like this one and this one. I have a terrible habit of getting sucked into suggested posts at the bottom of posts.

Eating - Whatever I can get my hands on.

Following - Kylie Purtell, A Study In Contradictions. She has some mad photography skills and a wicked sense of humour.

Outraged by - A sore back thanks to sleeping on a crappy bed with sick kids. I mean the bed is not crappy for them because they are kids and easily pleased but an old futon mattress is no friend of my back.

Waiting - for 8pm Thursday night when hopefully I will get word that there is a car available for me to buy. It is another Bidding Wars special but someone else actually pipped me at the post so I have to wait for them to not show up before I get the green light.

Loving - My electric blanket.
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