Saturday, February 26

And Breathe

2...3...4... and in 2...3...4 and

There a certain times today when that little mantra, as such, has run through my head. The circumstances surrounding my breathing and counting has varied greatly. In fact I am almost amazed at how many different situations can use the assistance of breathing and counting.

For example at the shops when children wanted to drag me in different directions rather than scream and twitch I simply took a deep breath and counted to ten, sometimes the tens were rather quick succession but I did not growl or let my temper get the better of me. I managed to restrict my raging urge to a stern sharp voice.

When I was running to the shops and back as part of my 1km time trial, my gasps of breathes, in between my huffing and puffing, were alternated with a run, 1, 2, run, 1, 2, as much as possible. To give me extra inspiration I threw in the odd 'I am awesome' chant. In case you are interested I took 9 minutes. I figure at least that should be easy to improve on. Should being the operative word. I am not exactly a master at pushing myself but that is a whole separate post.

Back to the breathing...

(Big breath in and straighten of shoulders with further breathes to try and regain focus) (Which appears to now be gone completely) :(

... ...
... ... ...

Nope still nothing... I am sure that is because of the awful music that the radio is playing at the moment. It is some techno boppy thing that just does my head in. If my posterior was not glued to this oh so comfy chair or my thunder thighs not achey when I walked I would perhaps go and turn it off or change the station. Since that is not the case though I will suffer, just not silently.

Seriously though I do find that some music will aid in my writing more than others. I have in fact a folder on my iTunes that is labeled possible writing songs. Though the fact that music can alter moods and affect situations is not exactly a ground breaking statement. If by chance you are interested in finding out more check here
(Another short sigh to contemplate what to write next) Which actually turned out to be nothing

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