Friday, February 25

Get Rhythm

Whenever I am feeling a bit down and out I tend to find comfort in some good old fashioned country songs. I am not really sure where this stems from. Possibly my father, he was a bit of a country, blues and rocking kind of guy and I know my mother likes the odd Johnny Cash song as well. I can't ever really recall listening to a whole lot of music as a child though.

I can remember the odd occasion when we would put an LP on to do the housework and I can remember spending hours reading all the song titles from the Kenny Rogers collection but that is about it, well aside from the parties. I have very fond memories of my parents parties. They would put the speakers in the windows that faced the front yard and we would just rock out. There were always a few other kids my age there as well and we would run and dance and just generally have a good time.

We never listened to much Johnny Cash back then but he is now one of my all time favourites and whenever I feel a bit low he is who I turn to. When I started this post I had intended to put a youtube video of one of his songs but instead I will leave you with this link to an early demo version of Get Rhythm

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