Friday, February 25

Uh oh

After nearly 18 months, perhaps even longer the mathematical side of my brain is not exactly in top gear at the moment, I think my body may be getting ready for the lovely (not) monthly red visitor. Some may call it Aunty Flow, Charlie, that time, but to me it is just a down right pain and one that I have not missed. Though I must say I don't use the word pain in terms of actual pain, I (touch wood) have not ever really to be one that gets terrible cramps or any of the other awful side effects that many women suffer from. I just find it a huge inconvenience.

So what has led me this conclusion?

Well for starters I can feel my hormones raging a battle against each other which resembles something similar to WWIII. As a result of this internal feud I have been in a bit, ok a rather bad, mood. The last two days have seen me yell and scream like a possessed fisher monger's wife. Which I think I actually prefer to the blubbering mess that I am today.

(Deep long sigh)

Anyway my house is more than a shambles, I can't even think of an appropriate word to describe just how disheveled the place looks. The washing is piled up almost to the ceiling, actually there are two mountainous piles. One waiting to be folded and one waiting to be washed and then folded. Arrggghh. It is like a never ending battle. One that I don't even feel close to winning and that is before I start on the dishes and just general tidying.

(another deep long sigh)

Some days it is just all too hard.


  1. Hugs! Have a look into a herb called Chaste Tree or Vitex ....(something). I have used this for many years and it really evens out the bumps in the road. Not sure how it goes with breastfeeding though

  2. thanks, eating bananas is good as well, increased potassium helps


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