Thursday, January 17

Oh so very happy!

Today started off as holding the promise of sadness. I couldn't put my finger on it but something was just not right. Everything bugged me. My poor girls couldn't do a thing right no matter how hard they tried and believe me they were trying. Plain and simple it was just an off day.

I struggled through as best I could, trying not to take my unexplained frustrations on anyone and everything around me.

However now as I write this I am far from this terrible mood. While it may only have been an incredibly small and insignificant event. One that will probably only hold meaning to myself. I discovered something today that had the ability to erase the worries and troubles of my day instantly.

Upon returning home this afternoon, I decided a quick check of my email was needed. (You never know what publishers may have seen my work and wanted more.) While my inbox was empty of publisher requests it was not completely empty.

To my delight I had a total of 14 responses to my two new myLot posts. Though my joy does not end here. I decided that I would quickly log in and have a quick read of what was said.

The comments were all positive and the black cloud that had covered me all day was slowly lifting, the best was still to come.

As I logged out and was taken to the home page and my eyes scanned through the most popular discussions. Low and behold, both my discussions were featured!

Black cloud be gone! In an instant it was like today was the most wonderful day ever.

Now I don't care if they were only there because no one else had posted any. The fact of the matter remains that at least for a few hours I was in the limelight.

Stardom here I come.

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