Sunday, January 13

Decrowd your house!

I have been absent of late due to the fact we decided to decrowd the house. For those of you not familiar with the term it refers to a process which involves relocating or removing unnecessary clutter. The trick though is in ensuring that relocations do not overcrowd another area.

Here is a brief idea of what we had to do

  • move child 2 in with child 1
  • move small table from bedroom 2 to bedroom 1
  • move bed of child 1 to other side of the room (sounds easy hey but this bed is solid timber from a 200 year old tree, it don't move all that well!)
  • move drawers upstairs to bedroom 2
  • move table down stairs
  • move another table upstairs
  • move drawers in bedroom 1 to other wall
  • move tv in bedroom 1
There goes a weekend. My husband thought it would only take an hour! Huh what does he know! He never thought about all the sorting of toys and clothes and all the rest of it.

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