Friday, January 18

Recipe: Potato and tomato delight

The other night I devised this beautiful recipe for potatoes. They are a staple in most people's diet yet it sometimes so difficult to find a new way to serve.

Never fear Chef Rhianna is here!

This is quick and easy, plus it is super, super yummy. I wish I had of thought to take a photo to include, I will next time I make, which I am sure won't be that far away.

When I made this I got 2 large adult serves, and 2 child serves. There was also a heap left for the dog. Adjust quantities to suit your needs

Potatoes (I used 8 small-medium)
Tomatoes (I used 4)
Grated cheese (of which my family loves melted so I used a lot!)
Butter for frying (or whatever you like to cook in)

Scrub potatoes and cook in microwave on high for approx 10 minutes
Cut into bite size cubes and leave to cool
Dice tomato and microwave on high for 1 minute
Add potato to large fry pan with heated butter
Fry till outside of potato is golden and crunchy. Add some rock salt for extra flavor and texture
Combine tomato and potato an place in a ceramic dish
Cover with as much (or little) cheese as you desire
Heat until cheese melts. ( I heated in the microwave on high for 5 minutes and it was perfect but you could get the same (or better) from an oven or under the grill

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