Tuesday, January 29

Still here!

It has been an incredibly busy week. The school holidays are all but over (today is the last day) For the most part I have enjoyed the time but I will be glad in some small ways to have the majority of the day back to myself.

For all the joy that children bring they are sure able to double the pain at times. For some reason bed time here is a never ending battle. In fact it is more than a battle it is nothing short of a nightmare!

I have had trouble finding things to write about at the moment. Mainly because I feel slightly hypocritical, though some would say it shows I am just human! Most of my articles are basically parenting advice, however at the moment I am asking myself what advice I could possibly have to offer when I can't even get my own kids to go to bed when they are meant to!

live and learn hey live and learn!

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