Thursday, January 23

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday with APLHello and welcome to another edition of Thankful Thursday. Which just between you and me could well be my most favourite day of the week. Thank you to all those who link in a post and share their thanks and super big thanks to everyone who stops by and has a read.
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Last night I somehow managed to swangle Lovely into going for a run. Well actually she thought she was swangling me by offering to go for a run with me in the hope that it would see her iDevice returned to her hot little hands. You know on account of not being able to run without music. A plight that while I understand I know is not actually the case.

So run without music we did.

Well at times we ran, on and off. Her reluctance was great but my determination won the day. And there was even a part of me that was glad not to have my regular tunes blasting into my ear drums. Oh how have times change.

As crazy as it may sound it was something I was a bit fearful of. I may have been concerned that without music I simply couldn't run. A tragedy I nearly had to face a few months ago when my phone started going haywire and I thought I lost all my music, just as I was heading out for a run no less. It was all a bit melodramatic but in the end the songs showed up and I was able to run off into the sunset. So to speak.

I am thankful that I made myself get out moving. I have been making excuses for far too long. Including oh I can't go for a run because I don't have a running band for my precious new phone (aka music maker and distance checker).

Though it is not just yesterday that I am thankful I made myself get up and move. It is the very first day that I decided to try and see if I could actually run. Running really did so many wonderful things for me, both physically and emotionally. I am thankful that I started and I am thankful it is always something I can turn too.

I am even more thankful that I managed to drag Lovely along with only minimal protest. I wish there was a way I could make her understand how many different ways she will benefit by having a good relationship with exercise from an early age.

Mind you if we are talking things I wish I could just make children magically understand from an early age the list would be a mile long and my job as parent would be made redundant I guess.

With the return of school next week the last few days of this week will be consumed with preparations and purchases of school supplies. I am thankful that the government provides us with vouchers to help cover some of the costs. Mind you it can only be used at the school and not for fees so it is not like I have a wide choice on what to get. As much as it is a case of Peter stealing to pay Paul at least it means we can get new uniforms without having to physically hand over cash. For which I am super thankful for. Especially in this particularly tight week.

While on the topic of school and education I must give thanks to all those teachers and support staff in our schools. Being employed in the education department, is no easy feat. They are after all the main shapers of tomorrows adults.

But enough of what I am thankful for, let's hear your thanks,

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