Tuesday, November 26

Some blog loving for #IBOT

Hello and welcome once again to Tuesday. The day the Australian blogosphere loves to get it's blog on and blog so they can join in with the ever fabulous

I have been IBOTting for as long as I can remember and by that I don't mean just months, come January I will be able to say years. One thing that I have noticed in all that time is that fellow IBOTers tend to say one of the things they love most about this great linky is the way you are always bound to find an exciting new blog. Which I agree whole heartedly. 

So with that in mind I am going to make it even easier today for you to discover a blog or two that you may not have already heard of. 

Actually scrap that.

Today I am really here to share with you just one blog that I can pretty much guarantee you have not heard of before, but will just love the moment you pop on over.


How can I be so sure?

Well have a look at this

Surely anyone who is willing to share a photo of their kitchen midway through the baking process has to have some sort of star status?

Particularly when they then go on to create these,

and make it all sound so simple.

Of course there is a chance that I could be just a little biased as the blogger behind SEVENo1 just happens to be my baby sister.

She subscribes to the slow blogging concept more than just getting a post up for the sake of it. Which in many ways is great because each post is just absolutely full of awesome, but it also means I have had to wait a while to share her awesomeness, just so there was enough for you to have a really good sticky beak around.

Well it is with great excitement that today is the day!

Her blog is full of simple yet effective craft and cooking ideas, particularly ones centred around parties. Do yourself (and me) a favour and please pop on over and say hi. She even has a Facebook page if you like to stay in touch that way.

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