Monday, February 18

I must confess that sometimes I speak before I think

I must confess with My Home TruthsHello and welcome to another confessional.

Really the first confession for today should be that it has been way to long since I last joined in with Kirsty's rather awesome linky. Luckily I know she loves me and totally understands.

If you have something you want to confess to, Monday's at My Home Truths is the place to be. Share your confessions and read what others are getting off their chests. Seriously the best way to start the working week.

The other night was the meet the greet at the new school for Miss Eleven. It was followed by a parents council meeting. I went. Of course.

How could I not? It is after all so important to be involved. Schools need parents and all that. Plus kids can't really come to council meetings so it is kinda like a bit of me time.

Only just between you and me I kinda wish I hadn't. 

Actually more to the point I wish I had of stuck to my resolve to remain silent. As I wish I could think before I actually speak some times.

I should have known better really. As if I could ever really remain quiet. I mean sure for the first little bit while I am busy working everyone out and taking it all in I won't have much to say but there will come a time when that will change. It is inevitable that eventually someone will say something the will render me no longer able to remain silent. 

Of course there will also be instances where in a bid to find my place in the room I rattle away at such speeds it is near on impossible to understand exactly what I am trying to babble on about.

The first of my faux pas for the night was much in this manner when I shared my shock at the concept of a council meeting without wine. I really meant it in a joking manner. I am not even a big wine drinker.

I had succumbed to peer pressure and was making drinking jokes in a bid to fit in. Made only worse when some wine was actually sourced and as I took my first sip I remembered saying to Jess that I would support her FebFast efforts by remaining dry as well. Go me. (Jess on the other hand is going great guns if you have a spare buck or two chuck it her way to raise funds for vital programs for those seriously affected by alcohol abuse)

So as if appearing as if I have a drinking problem wasn't enough I then went on to say how being on council meant a night out of the house for me. Made worse by the introduction of I know this sounds lame but...How someone didn't stand up and shout "dam straight that is lame you sad lonely housewife with a drinking problem" I do not know.

At about this point I decided to reinstate the no talking policy and looked longingly at the wine glass while waiting for the socially acceptable length of time between sips to hurry up and pass.

Have you ever wished you could stop your mouth 
from speaking words of stupidity in front of strangers?