Sunday, November 11

Instagram Weekly

Busy week here in the photo department. Since I just love this linky so much I am ensuring I snap plenty of shots so I have something to share.
Here is this week

Sunday saw a trip out to Great Grandma's to get some mangoes. Our first for the season and my oh my they were yummy.

Beautiful lilies at my mum's house. These beauties don't flower nearly enough.

Tuesday was the race that stopped the nation and gave mother an excuse to finally crack open this little lovely. She has only had it sitting there ten months or so.

Since we were living the high life with Moet, oysters seemed only fitting as well.

Due being stopped with the rest of the nation on Tuesday, Wednesday became washing day. Only no one told the big black rain clouds that.

My mother is a knitting fiend. She has taken to creating this gorgeous little creatures. Miss Two just loves to play with them.

Homemade cheesecake and great coffee. All served in bright cheery and matching crockery. Does life get any better than that?

Mr Awesome had a birthday last month and as such got to treat himself to a few little things here and there. I am less than impressed at the thought of being seen out with him in these.

This has been sitting on my camera roll for a week or two now. I had planned to edit it and do something amazing with it. What I didn't really know. In a bid to avoid doing something else I had a play the other day.

Getting my bake on with some rather awesome choc caramel brownies. They are so awesome I even went to the trouble of sharing here Little Miss Two is always so keen to help in the kitchen.

She is particularly keen when if comes to the whole licking of the bowl thing as well. Not that I could really blame her. This photo was because I forgot to take one before I put the pan in the oven. Blogger fail right there I tell you!

And last, but certainly not least a few  beautiful flowers that are growing in my back yard. We have a bit of frangipani thing going on in the garden actually with three or four different variations.

So there you have, my week over at Instagram. If by chance don't already follow me there and would like to click the button

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