Sunday, October 28

Instagram Weekly

Given how few photos I took last week and the fact they are only of food I nearly wasn't going to bother this week. But then the linky junkie within kicked in and well here I am.

Kitchen failure. These were not light and fluffy, nor did they melt in my mouth.

Thankfully the gingerbread biscuits for the school disco turned out much better.

These little beauties cost me $5 however they meant I saved a total of $19 when filling up the car. Win win I say.

Pastry. Yum. So easy to use and so many different uses. Last year I shared ten easy ways to use pastry. I think perhaps an update is in order?

My Orange Vegetable flan. Yum, yum and yum.

My camera roll does actually have quite a few non foodie shots that needed a tweak here and there but for what ever reason never got it. Who knows maybe they will get it this week? I am sure you will all be waiting with baited breath.

Joining with Tina and the gang