Tuesday, February 21

A moment of bliss

Right now life feels blissful. There is a small child gently slumbering on my chest. I am reclined on the couch with my feet slightly elevated and pointed toward the open window where they catch a gentle breeze blowing by.

If it weren't for the glow of my lovely iDevice I would be watching thunderous storm clouds roll on by. They look ominous.  The sky is awash with a pale red. Which for his time of night makes it all a little eerie. The silence being broken only by the whirring of the fans and the ticking of the clocks just adds to the effect.

As always my brain feels like it is doing over time.  Children are either sleeping or close to it.  The dishes are quietly waiting by the side of the sink. They are rinsed and partially clean and may well sit there till morning since there are not really many at all.  My body feels like it has become one with the sofa... I am honestly of sure if I ever want to move again.

Ok so that might be a slight exaggeration but I could happily not move from here for quite some time.  Alas though I must.

This slumbering child is slowly becoming sticky and sweaty.  Despite the fan and the breeze the air is still warm, especially when two bodies are so close together.  I know I should move her but there is something I love about holding a sleeping child.  They are so relaxed and peaceful.  Their innocence so obvious.

I should be thinking about what it is I am going make matter this week. My poor little Me & YOU meme that has way more me than you is still waiting for me to link in this week's goal.  With so many important things in life to make matter it is hard to come up with just one each week.  It is hard not to get despondent and question if the meme itself matters at times but deep done I know that it does.  The changes that I can see.  Feel even.  Life is better because of the time I have taken to make things matter.

Thinking about it disapaites the moment. The bliss is slowly fading as the slumbering child suddenly feels heavy and my neck stiff from maintaining such an awkward position in order to write all of this.

I know the moment I stop typing the spell will be broken and not likely to be created at again.  When I carry the  baby up to her cot I will discover one child not actually sleeping and remember the washing still waiting ever so patiently (as it always does) to be hung, folded got in and put away. Each stage of the dreaded chore needing to be done more than once as well.  No wonder I was reluctant to end my magical relaxation session.

Though I mustn't be greedy I did manage to have a whole 30 minutes to myself earlier this afternoon.  I wisely used that time to complete day 2 week 1 of my ease into 5 km app.  I feel all kinds of cool I can tell you!!

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