Sunday, February 12

Sunday Session - A Tribute to Whitney

Originally when I began thinking of today's post for Thea's Sunday Session I was at a loss.  When I saw that Eden's Fresh Horse Brigade was this week centred around music I thought that perhaps I could combine the two.  However when today saw the passing of Whitney Houston and my post for neither were still not written I knew what I had to do.

Now I am sure that there will be many a blog post about the loss of what was once was a wonderful life.  And quite rightly so.  Even though her life was troubled in more recent years with a failing marriage and struggles with drug addiction she should still be remembered for what was truly a beautiful voice.  In fact I have already read one beautiful tribute over At the Bottom of the Garden.  No tears have been shed here but it is always sad to hear of the passing of a life.  Especially one that involved such a beautiful voice, glamourous style and limited acting experience.  Though the roles she did take on were ones that suited her to a tee.

To be quite honest with you I can't even recall many of her numerous hits. The fact that I am not really much of a music buff or pay any attention to such things probably has something to do with this.As such I thought perhaps a quick trip to Google might a aid me in finding a few of Houston's more well known tracks. Looking through the Top 10 Whitney Houston Songs, apparently are The Biggest Hits of Whitney Houston's Career I found I know little to nothing of her music.

In fact out of the ten mentioned there were only three I could confidently say I knew. As such they are the ones I have decided to share with you today

Of course there is

Rightly so this was number one on the list. Which for the most part I don't mind, in fact there are parts that I even like however there are times when I feel it is all a bit much. Having said that though Whitney deserves to recognition for ability to strongly sustain such notes.

The next one I recognised was number five

A little before my times as a music lover but I have certainly heard it enough of the years to know it as such. What I didn't really realise until today though is that it was a Houston song. Of course there is a chance I have previously known this fact but as I mentioned earlier a music buff I am not so such information is rarely recorded in my memory department.

The last song that I could comfortably say I have heard before was number nine.

Out of all three this is by far my favourite. That possibly has something to do with my age. When this was released I was starting to pay more attention to music. I had discovered the many joys of Rage on Saturday mornings as I got ready for my hockey games. Oh life was simple then.

So that is my tribute to what was a very talented but troubled lady.  May she rest in peace and may her family, friends, loved ones and fans find comfort in knowing she has moved on to a better place.