Wednesday, June 11

Sniffle, sniffle

With a rather large bowl of left over icing sitting in the fridge and plenty of skittles, m&m's and jaffas to use as decorations, I should probably be making cupcakes or something similar. Especially given it is a certain young lady's eighth birthday and all.

my rather awesome reproduction
of Zappo the Alien.
Since I have a head cold from hell and have just finished decorating a cake for after dinner tonight I will let myself off the hook. Still seems such a waste though...hopefully tomorrow will see me with slightly more enthusiasm.

Part of me feels like I have been fighting off this silly cold for nearly three weeks now. I refused to give into it earlier because of the City 2 Surf. After that it kinda felt like it disappeared but last night it came back with a vengeance and today there has been no chance of ignoring it even just a little. My nose has alternated between being blocked and dripping like a broken tap. Neither of which is all that exciting or appealing.

Normally I would weather the storm and not worry with cold and flu tablets. Given the whole birthday thing though, and the fact I have to work tomorrow night I thought that maybe I should give them a whirl. After about twenty minutes I began to feel marginally better and within the hour there was a marked improvement. Sadly it was all short lived. Here's to the second dose lasting longer.

Anyway enough of my whinging. The show must go on. And more to the point I must now get up and go to said dinner so we can eat Zappo.

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