Monday, July 18

Sleep, per chance to dream

I should have been in bed hours ago but sometimes getting the energy up to go just isn't there.  I understand the importance of sleep and know all the benefits it brings.  I know that it helps the body to heal and rejuvenate.  It is necessary to function properly...but

As a mother sleep becomes a luxury.  It becomes something that you probably never do for more than threes hours at a time.  And even then three hours could be considered a good stint.  I am a big believer in co-sleeping as I think it may help with night time feeding and getting maximum sleep.  Sometimes I do wonder whether this is in fact the case but for the most part I feel it all works for me.

Sleep is not really something that I have every really delighted in unless it is morning.  To me morning seems like the best time to sleep.  Sadly though morning sleeping is not always practical.  Being different is not always easy.  In my younger and blurry days I can recall weeks where sleep would be limited to a few hours every night.  When I say few, let's just say three hours back then would almost be an early night.

Since the outback adventure I have been consciously trying to increase my sleep by ensuring early nights.  Until tonight I had been doing reasonably well.  In fact a few nights even saw me in bed before 10pm which is almost unheard of.  Now i don't really want to admit it but I actually think that /i was starting to feel better for my extra rest.  Sure it has not been undisturbed but you can't have everything at once.

Tonight however sleep has been far from the agenda.  Actually that is not entirely true.  I have been thinking about it for the past two hours but so far the thought of walking up the stairs and climbing into bed had just been too much.  I know however that soon the choice will be taken away from me as DD3 is due for a feed.


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  1. oh sleep can be so elusive at the times when it seems we need it most! hope you get more soon. x


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