Monday, July 18

Things I know

The first thing I know this week is that I am rather late in getting this post up.  The ever so lovely Shae who host this wonderful link up over at Yay For Home gets this started on a Friday and it is of course now Monday.  Better late than never though hey?

Another thing I know is that I love these link ups as they make it easier for me to get started on a post.  Not only that but I have actually noticed an increase in traffic and to top it all off I love reading all the things that other people know as well.

I know that I am sad this is the last week of the holidays.  There is so much I wanted to do and despite how much we have done I don't think I will be able to fit it all in.

I also know that I wish I was out bush again.  I know that I love the freedom that comes with being in the open, removed from the world at large and the daily grind of regular routine.

Finally I know that I have spent way too much time on the computer this morning and that even though I have two posts to show for it I know that they didn't take up nearly as much time as what I will make out to Hubs when he asks what I did today. (May be read also as I know I will not tell Hubs how much time I wasted on stupid FB games)

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  1. My own linkup is pretty much the only one I get to on time lol. I'm joining in a Monday one tomorrow

  2. Well now you have 12 people (maybe more) who have read it!!! Em x


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