Monday, July 18

Point + Shoot - The beach

Yes this really is my third post in possibly under an hour.  Part of me knows that I should perhaps delayed the publishing a bit but hey strike while the iron is hot I say.  Plus they are such gorgeous photos I just had to share.  I actually think that the one in the middle would make a perfect jigsaw puzzle.  I am going to put investigating making your own jigsaw puzzles on my to do list.  While the other two could make for a nice game of spot the difference (I assure you they are different photos)

I had an overwhelming desire to build sandcastles this weekend.  So it was off to the beach for us.  Turns out my desire was incredibly short lived mainly due to the fact that DD3 thought it better to destroy rather than build.  

Anyway this post is playing along with the lovely Lou over at Sunny + Scout.  Head on over and say hi and check out some more great photos.

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  1. lovely beach photos. i played spot the difference...and yes, they are!

  2. Love your photos! :)
    How fun a jigsaw would be.

  3. i love the beach.....what beach are these taken at.....lisa

  4. Thanks ladies, the beach is locally known as East Point Lisa


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