Thursday, November 14

Regret {Writers Reveal Prompt}

This month's prompt was given to me by the ever lovely Jodi, who is currently powering her way through the arduous task of writing fifty thousand words in the space of thirty days.

I guess my first regret could be that I have not tried hard enough to make time to see if there really is a novel inside of me. The only thing is though I kinda made a rule that I wouldn't waste my energy on regret. In many ways I feel that regret is closely aligned to failure. Not that there is anything wrong with failure as that it means at some point you must have been trying and as long as you try and keep on trying you have never failed. Or so they say.

I guess my other issue with owning regrets is that it is a bit like admitting you were wrong, or made a wrong choice. Which let's face it no one ever really wants to do.

image from here with thanks

Having said all of that though there are some things I have realised I regret and as long as I learn from those regrets then all is well that ends well. 

So what are some of my regrets?

I regret all those times I held myself back. 
I regret the too many occasions I have yelled at my children. 
I regret staying up to late when I have an early start. 
I regret ordering chilli chicken without checking just how chilli it really is. 
I regret not discovering the joys of me time sooner. 
I regret not trying (harder) at school, uni and most things that I do. The balance between laid back and giving it our all can be so hard to establish. 
I regret not discovering the joy of coffee sooner. 
I regret not starting this post sooner.