Tuesday, November 19

Keep Calm and Carry on Ironing

the irony of the crinkles in the poster
has me giggling like you wouldn't believe!
Or just chill with an awesome bunch of ladies and some great food and drink as the case may have been.

Thanks to Philips I gathered some of my buddies and held a bit of a British themed ironing party on the weekend.

Firstly let me just say that I feel incredibly privileged to be able to even say I had some buddies to gather. The fact that they actually turned up is even more of a blessing. Now I know generally speaking I don't tend to worry too much about things but when it comes to throwing a party and having peeps turn up I tend to worry like there is no tomorrow.

Thankfully though this was an occasion where I had just the right amount of guests. Given that it was all being held in the shoebox it was lucky the guest list was not too long. Mind you I may have got a tad carried away with the food preparation and prepared enough for a small army.

Apologies in advance for the lack of light in these photos, hint hint if there is a camera company out there, I need a new one...
Just some of the fan fare.
Under the white thing are some scones my mum made. Yes they were awesome
Choc Orange Swirl cupcakes with cute little toppers.
Complete with some chocolate frosting carefully piped on by Lovely
A close up of some of the British food I was sent.
I had a few British guests who assured me authenticity of it all.
These were beyond devine.
Cream cheese, sour cream, smoked salmon and a shallots,all whipped together.
I say whipped because I used my electric egg beater. 
In keeping with the British feel, despite there being watermelon on the table, which is clearly not British just incredibly refreshing, there was also Pimms. Oh and tea, but nobody drank that because, well there was Pimms. Which according to my brief research is the beverage of choice at Wimbledon. Followed closely by champagne (which I also had on hand if you were wondering).

Once everyone had arrived and settled we got straight into the game playing. Because what is a party without games?

The games all revolved around the rather magnificent PerfectCare Aqua Pressurised Steam Generator.

Honestly this iron is the iron of all irons. Even without being a dedicated ironer (and by that I mean someone who may have difficulty remembering where the iron can be found) I can recognise that this little baby is all kinds of awesome and then some.

In fact the look on Suzy's face is testament to just how awesome this little baby is.

Suzy is a regular ironer on account of her husband having an important job and needing clothes that are wrinkle free. Sadly though until the weekend she was oblivious to the fact that not all irons are created equal. A fact she quickly discovered after a few quick swipes of the ironing board with PerfectCare Aqua.

Turns out that all Suzy's years of ironing practise paid off because that lady can get a shirt wrinkle free quicker than you can say Bob's your uncle, not that I ever say that because Bob was my dad and therefore could never be my uncle regardless of how fast you said it but that is probably a story for another day. Anyway Philips had kindly given me an extra iron to pass on to one lucky guest and Suzy's ironing speed and ability made her that lucky guest.

Suz left with one of the biggest smiles and making jokes about the steamy night she was in for as she got to know her new love a little better. Suzy was not the only guest in love with all things iron related and nor was she the only one that left grinning from ear to ear.

Our IBOT hostess with the mostess, Essentially Jess who is a self proclaimed ironing nerd got the pleasure of running away with the rather impressive ironing board

You can check out more photos of the day via Instagram and the hashtag #rhiannasarvotea and if you haven't already check out the YouTube clip of my original review of the iron

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For those that like fine print, I was gifted a PerfectCare Aqua for my original review. 
I was also given heaps of cool stuff (too much to mention) to host an iron party. 
All thoughts and words are totally my own