Friday, September 27

Things I know about deadlines and choosing story titles

The time has come, the walrus said to share of what you know! 
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A Parenting Life Things I KnowOk so maybe that is not quite what he said, but writer's license and all.

Hello and welcome to another week of Things I Know! Well and truly one of the easiest link ups to come and join in with because we all know something!

This week I know all about the joy of deadlines. Even though I had plenty, of time, well forty eight hours, to get my story written I was sitting there with less than five minutes to spare trying to decide on a title. And by that I mean I had texted a friend two options and was waiting for her reply.

I know that I should have gone with Love in an Apple Orchard rather than A Grandparent's Love as the title. My friend, totally oblivious to the urgency of my question took her sweet time in replying leaving me to make my own decision. I went with the grandparent love one on account of it being already saved to the file as that and there not being a whole lot of time.

I know that play centres provide me with a great place to sit and write. Though not necessarily the things that I need to get written most.

I know that being so consumed with writing for forty eight hours is pretty exciting. Though for as much consumption in that time there was also procrastination.

I know that waiting till the end of October for the results to come out is not going to be nearly as exciting.

I know that forgetting about it all until then is a brilliant idea, but perhaps easier said than done.

I know that there is nothing more I can do now. Just hope and wait. At the end of the second round I need to be in the top 5 of my group to progress to the next round. Oh how I hope I have written a better story than twenty other people. As much as first would be great I will be pretty pumped (and surprised) to make the top 5.

I know that I am a bit pleased with myself to have streamlined the appearance of all my blogs. I was chatting to a designer guy recently who was trying very hard to charm me out of  $6o a month so that I could give the blog a very professional looking make over. He rightly pointed out in no uncertain terms that I had a very disjointed look across the board so it pleases me to know I found a way around that without parting with my money.

I know that there is a part of me that wants to live in a world where I pay out $60 a month to make the blogs look pretty. Purely because I know if I lived in that world it would mean I would be earning way more than that expenditure. Why else would there be any expenditure?

I know that blogging is not about making money. But any I can get from it would be nice.

I know that I was stoked to see nine lovely people come and share all the things they knew last week.

I know you know something, and I know you should share it here!

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A Parenting Life Things I Know

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