Monday, September 2

Planning in the pipeline

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After an early night, that happened to coincide with a reasonable good sleep I found myself bright eyed and bushy tailed at the rather ungodly hour of half past four this morning. Thinking a quick trip to the loo was all I needed to do to return the land of slumber I jumped up and headed to the bathroom.

Only after emptying the contents of my bladder and returning to my indredibly warm and squishy bed (thanks to two small misplaced beings) I discovered that returning to sleep was by no means a viable option. Thankfully I had somehow managed to waste a whole thirty minutes in the process which made five o'clock seem like a much more reasonable get up time.

As the two small misplaced being were still enjoying their sweet dreams while occupying the majority of my half of the bed, getting up and facing day really was the only feasible choice. Especially since such an early rise time equalled quiet writing time. While there were naturally jobs that could have been done, making a noise and disturbing the entire house is never the best way to start a Monday.

With all the excitement of Father's Day activities at the school, not to mention the actual event of Father's Day itself, it feels like forever and a day since I actually managed to get something written. Mind you even just not writing for one day sometimes feels like forever when there are words inside that I just want to get out.

Of course the words that I did get out today still weren't exactly the ones I had been thinking of but they were a start. I have decided that I need to go back to making things matter. Despite not writing there any more because my poor little ego didn't like not getting read I have now decided that is exactly what I need. And by that I mean a I need a place to openly express without worrying too much about losing loyal readers that aren't interested in knowing what mundane aspects of life I am trying to make matter.

Due to the crazy interior workings of my mind I seem to operate better when I put things out there to the world at large, regardless perhaps of whether or not the world at large is in fact interested. Anyway when I was making time to write over at MTTMIM I did actually feel as if I was making ground towards being the best me that I can be. So it makes sense (to me at least) to try and write there a little bit more.

Naturally I would love to have you along for the journey so feel free to pop in and see how I am doing. To start with most of the posts I expect to be a bit drull, lots of lists and tasks and what have you as I try and sort myself out a little more. There will also be some exercise related stuff as I try and bring that nemesis back into my life. Over time I hope that some of the posts will be inspirational and useful to others sick of floating around but not actually achieving more out of life. 

So there you have it. A very loose outline of my pipeline plans. 

Are you a planner? 
Any tips on how to plan my life a little better?
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  1. I get this. I need to put stuff out there to make it happen. It makes it real I guess. Even if it's just for me. I had no idea about your other blog (duh?) off to check it out now :)

    1. I actually have three Jodi, though the other two are neglected over this one. It is nice to have other places to go and write some days though.

  2. Haha - I need to get my own life sorted first! But I wish you the best of luck! And not too many 5 am starts lol


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