Tuesday, September 24

Love in an Apple Orchard.

Is probably what I should have called my entry for the first round of the #flashfictionchallenge. But I didn't and there is probably little point worrying about it now. Actually there is no point worrying about it at all because it is far too late to do anything about it now. As it was I only just managed to scrape in with mere moments before the deadline anyway.

Being the silver lining lover that I am though all is not lost and even if I don't progress in the competition I am super glad I decided to take part. The upside to having a looming deadline is that I manage to get lots of other stuff done. Especially when it comes to writing.

I took the opinion that as long as I was writing, something, anything, then I would be getting that little bit closer to the story that needed to be told for the competition. This essentially meant that at every opportunity I had to be writing.

On Sunday I found myself at an indoor play centre with no one to talk to. Oh the hardship I know 

Here are some of the thoughts that passed through my head in that time.

Sitting inside a play centre may not be the most quiet environment, yet somehow it still manages to create a space conducive for me to write in. As noisy as it may be the noise is not actually directed toward me. Instead it just surrounds me, leaving me feel not unlike an island. Which in many ways is quite nice.

Love is everywhere if you take
the time to look
There are a few large gatherings of various families and their friends. Birthday parties I imagine. Chatter and laughter filling the centre, intermittently pierced by screams and screeches of excitement, as it all becomes to much for some of the young participants.

Me - I just sit here oblivious to it all. Twelve years of parenting has taught me how to switch off even in the noisiest of times. 

I have only the middle child with me today. I marvel at her self confidence and ability to just go and play, despite not actually knowing anyone.  A friend from school asked if we could meet here to use the vouchers that the girls received from hockey. I couldn't say no. No matter how much I may have wanted to.

It is always with great reluctance that I venture away from the man I love when he is not at work. There could never be too much time spent with him as far as I am concerned. Never, ever, never.

This playdate however has been requested on numerous occasions. Each time I have managed to find some excuse not to go. Why that is I do not know. I think it is just so often I don't want to leave the house regardless of how much fun I think may or may not be had. 

With the voucher expiration date looming it could no longer logically be postponed. I took the silver lining as being some quality writing time.

Twenty for hours into the competition and not a word of a story has been written. Leaving twenty four hours for a thousand words to be found.  A romance, in an apple orchard, with mention of a fake moustache...

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