Tuesday, September 17

Goodbye Grandma Awesome

Yesterday family and friends gathered at the Village Green to farewell a greatly loved and valued old lady. After ninety two years of making the most of everyday and giving everything her all Mr Awesome's grandma quietly slipped away from this life and onto her next adventure.

As heartbreaking as it was to see her go there was also an element of relief in the knowledge she did not have to endure a prolonged and drawn out death.
Grandma Awesome
on her 90th

Grandma Awesome had been adamant there was to be no funeral. She was not one to make a fuss. Nor did she get excited when one was made of her. Though secretly I am sure she did, as long as it wasn't over the top. With that in mind those that loved her most joined together to celebrate the life of an amazing and inspirational woman.

As I sat there listening to people from the gardening club, the local library, even the local Member, I marvelled at how loved Grandma was. I mean I knew she was loved and very active within the community, I just didn't know how loved or how active. Or how generous.

I also marvelled at the girls sitting there so patiently and quietly listening to every words spoken about their great grandmother. My heart filled with pride at their sense of respect for the moment. Perhaps there is room for me at the Mother of the Year awards after all...

Mr Awesome and his cousins filled one table. Sitting there together, related by blood but still relative strangers as well. Spread out all across the nation it is not often that they can all be found in the one place at the one time. It was interesting to sit and watch the interactions.

You see while I do have cousins, I have barely ever seen them. Mine are spread not just over the this country but overseas as well. I know not what it is like to really be around extended family.

Every moment that the girls spend with their cousins makes my heart want to burst. I try to impress into my memory in the hope it will somehow become stamped in theirs as well. It breaks my heart to think that so far their cousins all live interstate.

There is no doubt that when Grandma passed the world lost a wonderful woman. Being perhaps the least materialist person I have ever come across there are few possessions to pass on in her memory.

There were however these

They had been living at her house for as long as Mr A could remember. Being a rather green thumb, these little beauties would have meant the world to her. Just like they now mean to us.

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  1. Saying goodbye is always so hard to do but when we know they didn't suffer and have a long drawn out period of time, I think it does make it easier to accept.
    My cousins are all overseas and sadly, even if I still lived in South Africa, I probably wouldn't see much of them. We used to see each other when we were growing up but really didn't have much in common so as we grew up and had our own families, it was only at weddings and funerals that we were likely to see them.
    I am so glad that K is quite close to her two cousins who live in Aus even if one lives in Rockhampton and the other in Adelaide !!!
    Sending heaps of love, hugs and positive energy to you !

  2. Thanks for sharing your love for what sounds like a most beautiful, loving, adored and lovely lady. Family is so precious and it is hard when they are not close, emotionally or physically.
    As your journey without her begin, I hope the precious memories you have of her will carry you

  3. Mr Awesome's Grandma sounds a very special lady who will on in the hearts of many.

  4. Beautiful post mate, and I'm sorry for yours and Mr. Awesome's loss. xxooxx

  5. Ahhhh love, I thought initially grandma had earned the nickname 'awesome' by acts and deeds rather then by linkage to mr awesome.... But I don't think I was wrong, she sounds as though she was pretty awesome xxxx

  6. I'm very sorry about Grandma A, but it sounds like a fitting farewell, and your words are beautiful.

  7. so sorry for your family's loss Rhi. It is never easy, no matter how old they are, or how much pain they are in, to say goodbye. xo Aroha

  8. What a remarkable woman to not want a funeral! That is actually really lovely for the family isn't it. She sounds like a doll and I am so sorry for her loss to you all. Grandmas are lovely things. I think it's at that great age when women are truly at their greatest - inspirational through lifelong wisdom.

  9. It's so bittersweet the way that deaths bring about family reunions, if only for a day or a few hours. it's great that your girls got the chance to feel part of a larger clan for a while. While my paternal grandmother was alive, the entire huge Catholic Morgan clan would gather every new year's eve to have a barbecue and she was at the heart of it all, a real matriarch. Now the same drive to be there, just isn't there, though a few aunts work hard to stay in touch with everyone.

  10. Sorry for your and your families loss hun, she sounds like a fab Grandma, seems she had a great innings, hugs xx

  11. What a special tribute to a lady who sounds like she was pretty special to a lot of people. Hugs and love xx

  12. This is a beautiful tribute Rhianna, I'm sorry for your loss. Now it's me who send you butterfly kisses and fairy wishes your way to you and your family.

  13. Oh good on you for planting them. I bet that would have made her so happy.
    I never grew up with my cousins either. Never met some of them, and my kids don't grow up with theirs. It is kind of sad really :(


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